April 19

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Terra (Luna) – Bringing crypto to the Masses with Do Kwon

Bringing the promise of blockchain technology to millions and millions of people is the goal and mission of today's guest. Do Kwon is the Co-founder and CEO of Terraform Labs, the company behind the Terra Blockchain. Do and his team have built a flourishing ecosystem on top of Terra. Each of the applications is designed to solve one of the common financial problems of everyday users: Chai Pay is for Payments, Mirror makes it easy to invest in stocks and equities, and Anchor offers a fixed interest savings account.

Sponsor: Värdex

The mission of Värdex is to simplify buying and selling crypto, making it truly accessible for everyone. And what could be easier than using an ATM? Värdex provides a network of over 4100 ATMs in Switzerland where you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies. Recently the company has introduced a novel and even easier way to enter the world of digital assets. Cryptonow are voucher cards that are already available in over 4000 retail stores across Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With cryptonow, buying Bitcoin is as easy as buying some bubble gum. Visit cryptonow.ch to find a retailer near you and learn more about crypto voucher cards.

Last but not least, Värdex is looking for crypto talents to join their ranks. If you are looking to start a crypto career, check out their open job listings at cryptovalley.jobs. They offer some exciting positions from marketing to operations and support and more.


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