April 13


Crypto Trading Bots

Trading cryptocurrencies can be stressful. But what if there was a computer program, that could do it for you? In the very first episode of Unforkable I talk with Christian Spahr about his experience with crypto trading bots.

During his time at the University Christian started trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in. After one too many trading sessions that lasted until the early morning, it became evident for him, that he needed a technical solution that would do the trading for him. Together with a friend, they started to build their very own crypto trading bot.


Christian: I mean I could just move on by a lambo like if I wanted to but it's like so far there's no point you know I'm still in my you know building developing. the stuff the interesting stuff that's gonna be in the podcast you'll see.

Jonas: Welcome everybody to the very first episode of Unforkable, this is a show about the fast-moving world of crypto you may have heard about Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Basically this show is about that stuff and then again I hope it will be about much more, but let me introduce myself and explain my name is Jonas I'm the host of the show. I love listening to podcasts the good ones, those to tell stories and make complex or seemingly boring things interesting and captivating. I also spend way too much time in crypto Twitter and reddit reading up on the latest in the blockchain space so I like crypto and I love podcasts however when it comes to crypto podcasts there are not many out there that excite me and that's not to disrespect anybody it's because it's damn hard to make a good podcast as I'm about to learn. I would like to invite you along on this journey please visit unforkable dot CC and sign up on the mailing list so you always be notified as soon as a new episode is available so let's start the show


Jonas: Today I'm talking to Kristen Spa he's an ETH graduate and now a full-time crypto trader with a focus...

Christian: I didn't graduate

Jonas: okay

Christian: I'll tell you later I'll tell you later

Jonas: turns out there were many other things that didn't know about Christian for instance that with 25 years old he's already sitting on the board of advisories of an investment firm here is the story how that came to be.


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